The Acropolis of Athens - the illustrious


A project as phenomenal as the construction of the Acropolis could never have been realized anywhere else than in ancient Greece, in a time when deities abounded. Today, we can only marvel at the magical notion of owning a time machine, enabling us to travel back to an era when every event and every act of nature was a sign of divine purpose. What could life have been like in those times for a young warrior in the fight against the Persians, or for a participant at a procession or sacrificial ritual in honour of Athena, the goddess of war and wisdom?

If the Acropolis' stones could speak, what would they reveal? Ruins, frescoes and metopes - fragments of the past - are the greatest historical storytellers of all time. They turn archaeologists into stone whisperers, and through their painstakingly detailed hard work, allow objects to unveil the past to us. Our role in the storytelling is rather minor in comparison to theirs, but if we take a moment to stand, marvel, and muster enough curiosity and fantasy, we can dive into a world characterized by divine thinking.

Let us enjoy a walkabout of Athens' unique Acropolis...

Note: The rock plateau of the Acropolis of Athens is a holy district. Therefore, smoking, eating and consumption of alcohol are strictly forbidden. Visitors show their appreciation of the Acropolis' value and meaning by abiding to these rules.

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