Sanctuary of Zeus Polieus

Zeus Polieus was the supreme among the gods. He was the youngest son of Kronos and Rhea, and only survivor among his brothers and sisters, since Kronos devorated his children for fearing to be dispossessed by them. But Zeus was saved from this destiny by a trick that his mother Rhea used, handing a stone instead of the new-born to Kronos. Until his fatherís fall and his assuming his role of sovereign, Zeus had to come up with many fights. He finally won the war against the Titans with the help of the Cyclops, a war that was followed by the fight against the Gigangts and against Typhon. Like his daughter Athena, Zeus was the protector god of the city, but never came to have the same importance.

Only few traces remain of his former sanctuary. Beside the altar, there were a sacrifice table and also a stable were the animals destinated to sacrifice were kept; this stable was called the Bukoleion.

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